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Employment opportunities

Let's build your career together

We are accelerating our development by recruiting more than 1,000 employees in 2018 across all of France's largest cities. These new talents, ranging from graduates to experienced professionals, will complement and reinforce the expertise of Proservia’s existing 3,000 employees.

We are implementing an internal training programme, which on the one hand is adapted to new employee requirements and trends, and on the other hand is designed to respond to the challenges of flexibility and mobility, in order to create an agile and secure “digital workplace”.

The diversity of our business activities and our human resources policy allows us to offer our employees an exciting day-to-day experience, with varied and dynamic projects in which each individual has the opportunity to flourish and demonstrate their skills. There are no pre-written progression paths: only your potential and wishes count, opening up doors to new opportunities. Functional, hierarchical and geographical mobility is a reality, which is encouraged and accompanied.

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