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Our innovative field services were developed at the start of 2018, lead by a network of talented, responsive and reliable field technicians working across France, transforming an Integration and Logistics Centre into a Factory of the Future, implementing innovative projects surrounding connected devices, fast geo-tracking, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence... welcome to the industry 4.0 era!

Our offer

Field technicians

350 field technicians across France

Amongst the key values we can give to our clients, thanks to our strong capacity for innovation and mobilisation, and the high level of expertise of our field service technicians, one stands out: proximity. This key value allows us to ensure:

  • responsiveness
  • industrialisation
  • centralisation
  • capitalisation on a local rather than national scale
  • customer intimacy
  • versatility (dedicated or global approach)

Unique positioning across France:

Digital factory

Adapted storage and transport for the right equipment in the right place at the right time

We deliver to both PUDO and FSL client locations:

PUDO and FSL client locations

Lisses Integration and Logistics Center: device-oriented production

Via our Integration and Logistics Centre in Lisses, Paris, we guarantee complete management of equipment by our logisticians and technicians for the users of our clients.

integration and logistics center


Proservia Operational Monitoring System (POMS): production control via an operational federation tool 

proservia operational monitoring system

Clients can be given access to the POMS computer system via an extranet.


  • peal-time display of the processing of requests
  • appointment scheduling
  • reports from technicians, etc.


Your control tower

A resolutely user-oriented solution

field services 4 EN

Industry 4.0 Field Services

field services 4 EN

Field 4.0

Une offre en perpétuel mouvement conçue pour accompagner les transformations de nos clients : 

Autour du socle de l ‘activité Field Services, MCO/IMAC/Projets :

  • Une vision prédictive

Des actions préventives permettant l‘anticipation des risques avec une gouvernance à forte valeur ajoutée 

  • Offre W10, Télétravail & routeurs

Une offre de déploiement W10 et télécom au service de nos clients 

  • Facilitateur & VIP

Nos collaborateurs sur site sont des Ambassadeurs des services informatiques du Client Proservia propose des facilitateurs pour vos VIPs.

  • Audit et expertise

Doté d’un grand nombre d’experts techniques, Proservia est en mesure de réaliser pour vous des audits ”Etonnement & Maturité” et de proposer des expertises techniques sur les environnements bureautiques et retail

  • Kiosque IT

Le déploiement informatique est intrusif, Proservia propose un déploiement ”en douceur” au gré des disponibilités des utilisateurs

  • Haute Disponibilité

On ne parle plus de maintenance mais de disponibilité, Proservia s’engage pour maintenir les matériels et les applications critiques en intervenant en H+4 sur l‘ensemble du territoire

  • Experts in the migration of work stations to Windows 10

    We are fully equipped to be able to offer you a turnkey solution via a project committed to achieving excellent results.
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    We adopt a collaborative approach with innovative stakeholders and start-ups in order to anticipate future trends and expectations, and to allow us to accomplish great achievements both in terms of technological and human resources.

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    Collaborative governance with the agility of a united and tight-knit community is a key ingredient for success and for the development of our field service activities.

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    A unique, intimate training policy is in our DNA at Proservia, which is why we have set up the "Field Academy" to allow our employees to continue to develop their skills.


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