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Experts in end-user experience

Founded in 1994 by a self-taught businessman with a dream to create a company in which qualifications were not a barrier to employment or career progression, Proservia has always impressed clients and employees with its unique approach, combining proximity, expertise and interpersonal relations.

A ManpowerGroup brand, and global leader in HR transformation since 2011, Proservia is now a reliable, recognized actor within the IT consulting market.

Pursuing our ambition to become European leader of end-user services, whilst advocating a responsible HR policy, we are present in 16 countries across Europe and currently have 7,000 employees. In France, we have 18 branches, a national field service network, 7 Service Centres located in Niort, Nanterre, la Garenne Colombes, Rennes, Lille, Grenoble, and Toulouse, and an Integration and Logistics Centre in Lisses, Paris.

ManpowerGroup IT and Telecom Solutions

Proservia joined ManpowerGroup in 2011, providing IT outsourcing activities and assisting companies in their digital transformation projects across France, and, since 2015, across Europe. Our expertise, knowledge and strong capacity for innovation completes the global business assistance that ManpowerGroup is able to provide through its collection of interconnected brands, in response to the transformation challenges faced by companies today.

Proservia in figures

  • 3000

    employees across France
  • 18

    branches across France
  • 1050

    planned recruits for 2018
  • 163

    million euro turnover in 2017
  • 600

  • 24

    years of existence
  • 400,000

    managed users
  • 78/100

    Index Egalité Femmes/Hommes

Advocate for responsible employment

Social actor text
Our approach, centred around social, societal and environmental responsibility, is a core value of our company, which is reflected on a daily bases towards our clients, partners and employees through strong commitments: to recruit and select employees without discrimination, to fully support the health and safety of our employees, to accompany our employees in their individual journeys, to ensure that we continue to reduce our environmental impact, to be an active partner in our clients’ performance, to lead all activities ethically, and to promote a dialogue with our stakeholders.

A strong believer that diversity is a strength, Proservia has always been committed to promoting equal treatment and equal opportunities, and to combatting all forms of discrimination in employment.

Ever since it was founded, Proservia has implemented a recruitment policy that is deliberately unconventional and fair by:

  • focusing on potential, the service offered, and the human qualities of the candidates we recruit, rather than qualifications and experience
  • ensuring equal treatment for all applicants.

​​​​​​Uniting social and economic performance and providing opportunities for all, including for more non-conventional profiles, is also about allowing our employees to find their own place within our organization, and implementing effective support measures that are adapted to the needs of each and every one of our clients' requirements.

In order to assist our employees in overcoming any challenges they may face, and to allow them to flourish within our company, we have established a set of innovative recruitment and training models:

  • Predefined Career Plan: offered since 1999, this permanent contract formalizes training and certifications to be completed by the employee, as well as the associated salary progression.
  • First Opportunity Contract: established in 2003, this contract is offered to new recruits with no experience. Their first permanent contract, this scheme provides an extensive training course, allowing each employee to become fully operational in the projects with which they are entrusted.
  • New Orientation Contract: based on the same principle as the First Opportunity Contract, this scheme, established in 2009, is offered to individuals undergoing a career change, with no prior experience in IT.

In 2015, and for the fifth consecutive year, Manpower Group, for which Proservia implements all training and ethics management procedures, was named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute.

Our ethical commitment firmly seals the main principles that connect Proservia to its employees, clients, providers and partners.

Proservia is also committed to:

  • combatting fraud and corruption
  • building completely un-prejudiced ethical relationships with its suppliers, clients and partners
  • promoting social dialogue
  • ensuring the high quality of its services and constructing long-lasting collaborations with its clients
  • implementing a responsible and sustainable procurement policy.

For more information, please see our Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics and our anti-corruption policy.

Health and Safety

Under the responsibility of Proservia's General Management department, and within the specific legal framework of our activity, the Safety department is in charge of implementing all measures required to respond to our obligations in terms of the safety of individuals, and to design solutions to improve, standardize and ensure the security of staff when present in any of our offices or working on-site with a client:

  • fire-fighting facilities, alarms and safety features
  • safety training and evacuation drills
  • client accident prevention plans and individual protection equipment
  • accident and road hazard follow-up
  • action and improvement plans.

The safety department is directly linked to the HSE committee, and intervenes for any issues relating to health and safety at any of our offices and for any employees out on assignment.


Proservia's principle environmental commitments are outlined in the ManpowerGroup France environmental policy.

There are four main principles inherent to Proservia's environmental policy:

  • managing and tracking consumption
  • raising awareness amongst employees of their role in the adoption of good habits
  • reducing and re-using waste
  • promoting a "green IT" solution for use internally and when on-site with clients.

Board of Directors

  • Name
    Jean-François Guyomar
    General Manager
  • Name
    Didier Fougeron
    Commercial Director
  • Name
    Gaël Riou
    Human Resources Manager
  • Name
    Elie Dahan
    Operations Manager
  • Name
    Eric Jeannerod
    Industrial Manager
  • Name
    Jacques Covin
    Chief Financial Officer