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Digital Workplace


Responsible for the image of our clients, our teams support our clients' users by responding to everyday incidents and requests. Whether they are site-based, Service-Centre-based, or field-based, efficiency and a friendly approach towards users are our guiding principles, from responding through to resolving user incidents and requests.


Outsourcing of the future

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Service desk

The first point of contact for your users when they request IT support, our Service Desk acts as a form of unique help desk for all incidents and requests.

Located on your sites or in one of our Service Centres, this service desk aims to increase level 1 resolution rates, and to trigger level 2/3 or field interventions whenever necessary.

As well as standard communication channels (telephone, email, portal), our support service comprises other features and tools, such as an online chat service, virtual assistance, self-assistance, and collaborative spaces, with a view to better serve your users, increase their autonomy, and customize the services we offer in line with their profiles.

Business support

Our business support activities include functional support for applications as well as administrative support. In addition to our more traditional technical office automation support, this service allows you to respond to all your users' SOS business alerts from a single, centralized system.

Field-based support 

This covers all operational support/IMAC activities provided to your users across the entirety of their working environment (peripheral work stations, tablets, smartphones, telephone networks, etc.).

Conducted by technicians present on your sites (on-site services) and/or by field technicians (field services), depending on the size of your premises, these interventions are reserved for actions that cannot be carried out remotely and/or require specific expertise.

System and device management

Activities included within the framework of these services cover your users' work stations (fixed and portable), as well as all peripheral devices (tablets, smartphones, printers, fixed telephones, connected devices, etc.).

Through implementing your security policy, these activities allow you to ensure the homogeneity of your system (streamlining of licenses, management of your business environments, etc.), simplified user access to business data, and fast integration of new applications or operating systems.


Infrastructure Management

High infrastructure availability means continuous successful user experience. It directly impacts your users’ daily experience and is crucial for the performance of your employees. Our expertise ensures that your users and employees have simplified and secure access to their resources and data on an “any time, any place, any device” basis.

Supervision and Operation

Supervision activities involve automating recurring daily tasks that are inherent to the management of your infrastructures.

They allow you to detect and automatically forward alerts linked to a system or network incident, to supervise automated scheduling operations, and to anticipate breaking points within your infrastructures. These activities can also be extended to tool-based supervision, in which robots allow us to factually calculate and transcribe user experience.

Level 1 operation activities correspond to the monitoring of scheduling operations that cannot be automated or non-automated one-off controls. These activities guarantee the consistent high performance of your information system and the anticipation of necessary developments.

Administration and Engineering

Administration activities principally concern the management of non-procedure-related incidents that cannot be handled at level 1, as well as the management of standard changes (infrastructure evolution, integration of new services).

These services ensure capacity planning. The teams are responsible for developing level 1 operation and training procedures. In collaboration with the engineering teams, our team members accompany you in the management of your non-standard changes and monitor the correct application of security regulations on your infrastructures.


We design your architecture and digital workplace around your business objectives.

Our objective: to facilitate users’ access to their working environment, at any time, in any place, on any device, and to offer users IT services that are more flexible, collaborative tools that are more intuitive, and solutions that are more agile, yet better controlled for both the users themselves and for your organization. This is what your users want and what your business requires for increased competitiveness.

In order to assist you in your transformation from start to finish, we offer support in the form of partnerships with the best developers and builders on the market.


Engineering - Digital Workplace

Our digital workplace engineering solutions include workplace engineering, the associated deployments and migrations, the designing and creation of master systems, application packaging, and the associated scripting.

These solutions allow us to ensure end-to-end management of incidents and requests. The engineering team collaborates with the application engineering and infrastructure engineering team to ensure the coherent and efficient transformation of your digital workplace both for your employees and your users.

Engineering - Infrastructures

Our services accompany the transformation of your infrastructures in line with the development or streamlining of your business needs.

Whatever the nature or scope or your project (virtualization, cloud-based, storage, saving, ARP/ACP, messaging, collaborative tools, security assistance, etc.), we guarantee to handle all developments and consistently implement them in full respect of the service quality expected by your employees and users.

IT Department Marketing

IT Department governance and steering, relationships with employees and partners, change management: our advisory teams are by your side to help you strengthen your competitiveness and position your IT Department at the heart of value creation for your business.

We respond to the following objectives that are increasingly expressed by our clients:

  • to establish a constant dialogue with users and employees
  • to promote IT Department services to users and employees
  • to improve user/employee satisfaction and perception vis-a-vis the service provided.

Our range of solutions is completed by an accelerated “IT Department Marketing” programme, allowing us to support you in the following four areas: customer relations, service marketing, communication planning, and data-driven marketing.

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