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[In pictures] Our Viva Technology 2017 experience


An “Open HR” lab of 400 m2, 25 start-up pitches, 20 conferences led by industry experts, a dedicated “Talent Connect” recruitment space… Partner of the 2nd edition of #VivaTech, held in Versailles in Paris, ManpowerGroup rallied its teams to take part in a unique opportunity to present its strategies, solutions and talents alongside some of the biggest global leaders in digital innovation and transformation. It turned out to be a hugely successful event, in which Proservia was actively involved alongside all the other ManpowerGroup brands, working from its own special areas dedicated to the Lab, and giving demonstrations and presentations across 3 days to the public, who attended in full force.

“At Proservia, we are of the belief that humans will always have a place in user support, despite robotisation. In the future, we will continue to need employees who are able to adapt within complex environments”, explained Pascal Dubois, our Innovation and Consultation Director, last year when she opened the 1st edition of Viva Technology. Here, she presented an introduction to “Support of the Future”, which gave a unique insight into the development of our industry, trends, technologies, skills, and requirements, in response to so-called “augmented” users who are now the consumers of our services.

Pascal Dubois reflected on this introduction just a few days ago at the 2nd edition of #VivaTech in front of another large audience at the ManpowerGroup Open HR Lablooking back on what our teams have experienced over the last year, providing an idea of what we all, whether as professionals or users, can expect from the near future.

A strong focus was therefore placed on “semantics and artificial intelligence used within user support" i.e. asking ourselves how we can best understand, know, and support the user, through the input, and (above all) processing and monitoring of their data, which will allows us, in time, to anticipate their needs whilst improving the quality of our services.

Our #VivaTech experience in pictures

Viva Technology was an extremely enriching experience for all exhibitors, speakers and visitors who took part over the three days. Here’s a quick look at what our teams got up to at the Proservia area, right in the heart of the ManpowerGroup Open HR Lab: