Our commitments

Proservia is committed to sustainable development and CSR as real levers of social and economic performance.

This business strategy is transferred each day to our clients, partners and associates through commitments aimed at fostering diversity, fighting discrimination, developing our employees’ skills, health and safety, promoting business ethics and limiting our impact on the environment.

Convinced that diversity is a strength, our teams have always promoted equal treatment, equal opportunities and the fight against all forms of employment-related discrimination. We invite you to read our document - Diversity - Our Framework of Reference Gender Equality Index

Pursuant to the French decree on the application and calculation of the Gender Equality Index, as published in the Official French Gazette on 9 January 2019 - as part of the freedom to choose one’s future career - Proservia has taken the steps to measure this index, receiving a score of 93/100 for the year 2019.

As a responsible and committed employer, Proservia views gender equality as a cornerstone of its Human Resources policy. Although the score received of 93/100 reflects Proservia’s years-long commitment in this area, the company aims to pursue ongoing improvement in professional equality and promotion as real performance levers.


Combining social and economic performance all while giving everyone an opportunity, including those with atypical backgrounds, also means allowing everyone to find their own place within the company by implementing real support actions adapted to each person’s needs as well as our clients’ demands.


Our ethics revolve around a reference document outlining the main principles linking Proservia to its employees, associates, clients, suppliers and partners.

Regular training is organized for our associates so they can fully understand and comply with the company’s code of ethics.

A channel was created to report any non-compliant behaviours in the following areas: finance, accounting, banking, corruption, anti-competition practices.

Health & Safety

Under the specific legal framework for our activities, the role of our Safety policy is to implement the necessary resources to meet our obligations in people safety and design solutions aimed at enhancing, unifying and guaranteeing the safety of all personnel at our agencies and clients’ facilities.


Proservia has defined four major principles under its environmental policy: 

  • Promoting green IT solutions internally and externally through our clients
  • Managing and tracking all consumption
  • Spreading awareness among employees of their role in adopting good habits and attitudes
  • Reducing and revalorizing waste

In 2019, Proservia joined the efforts of the non-profit association Passerelles Numériques.

Passerelles Numériques was chosen by our employees following a voting campaign in January at the initiative of the Director of Recruitment.

Passerelles Numériques will receive a financial donation for every new employee hired.

This action symbolizes how we welcome new hires by including them in a humanitarian and charitable adventure!

Passerelles Numériques is a French non-profit organization established in 2005 to help underprivileged young people with potential and a will to learn access education and training in the digital sector to foster real employability so they and their families may become permanently free of the restraints of poverty and contribute to the socio-economic development of their countries. Passerelles Numériques works in 3 Asian countries: Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam. 

What will Proservia’s financial support be used for?

Proservia’s donation will help fund training for students at one of its schools in Phnom-Penh, Da Nang or Cebu. 

The sum donated will be fully used for the association’s beneficiaries and will help with the selection of students, technical and general training, costs of living (accommodation, food, healthcare, materials...) and the educational and social support offered as well as employment guidance, coordination and supervision.


Our CSR Assesments

As a way to reinforce its responsibility towards its stakeholders, the Proservia General Management voluntarily submitted its CSR policy to two non-financial assessments. 






Proservia received 63/100 in 2019 (vs 56 points previously), which reflects its work to continuously improve. 
Four main areas were evaluated: environmental issues, social issues, business ethics and responsible procurement.

Proservia is ranked among the top 9% companies with the best scores worldwide.




With 87 out of 100 points, Proservia scores above average for sector companies (45 points).